Our Story

SOFIE stands for Stories of Fashion, Inclusion and Empowerment. It arose from our collective experiences traveling and working in fashion-tech and seeing the effect it has on empowering everyone. We emphasize using storytelling and technology to teach STEAM education camps.

“Good stories surprise us. They make us think and feel. They stick in our minds and help us remember ideas and concepts in a way that a PowerPoint crammed with bar graphs never can.”

Joe Lazauskas and Shane Snow, The Storytelling Edge

Who We Are

While we recently began in 2018, we’ve actually been at this for much longer. We all separately began our journeys through STEAM (Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering and Mathematics) differently. For Teddy, it was Computer Science, for Angel and Alex, it was the Creative side, for Grace, it was as a Teacher.

One thing we have all learned, is that many of the STEAM concepts can be taught in a better manner. One thing we’re all passionate about, is using fashion as a vehicle to deliver STEAM concepts. We also love story-telling, which is a big part of what fashion is about, and we marry STEAM + fashion to teach STEM education camps.

What We Do

We have a great collection of skills on the team, and it let's us have an impact. What we focus on is:

  • Make in STEAM more visible to the public, with a focus on using Fashion and Storytelling
  • Promote different careers in STEAM
  • Creating solutions to improve inclusion, empowerment and recognition in the STEAM fields for all

We have big goals, and this is just a start for us!

Meet Our Team

We're a collection of creatives, students, project managers and technologists who are trying to push the boundaries of education using creativity


Alex Manitopeyes


Angel Aubichon


Grace Whitehead


Teddy Seyed